The world is ours to discover.

Discovery is a magical thing.

Together, let's unearth wonders both great...

... and small.


FENCE SALON | May 22–June 27
The Arts Center of the Capital Region

265 River Street, Troy, NY 12180

I am honored to be part of the tradition of The Arts Center’s largest and longest running exhibition. Visit FENCE 50 | 1965-2015, over 500 pieces are typically accepted and displayed. Works include paintings, drawing, photography, fiber arts, stained glass, and sculpture.

Kim Clune

Kim Clune

Photographer and Web Designer

From grand landscapes to simple gardenscapes and creatures great and small, each impresses upon my eye a sense of great wonder.

As I travel this planet, I aim to immortalize more than the visual, infusing also a sense of earthy aromas, rustling sounds, warmth or chill, witnessing the enormity of this incredible world – even in the smallest of subjects.


All work is © Kim Clune / Mixed Media Matters and may not be reproduced without permission.