AnimaLovers’ Companion: Dog Rescue

AnimaLovers Companion - Spring 2010“Dog Rescue, for Better or Worse,” my recent article for AnimaLovers’ Companion (get the PDF),┬ádiscusses the level of commitment one makes when caring for homeless animals.

When faced with a frightening medical and behavioral problem with Emmett, our challenging fostered hound mix, my husband and I knew he had nobody else. Emmett came out on the other side without issue, as did we, and in the process Emmett became ours.

We know Emmett is our family dog for all the right reasons and we couldn’t be happier. It’s difficult to imagine what his life would have been like had Emmett not had caring humans in his corner. Sadly, many animals do not. Strays, animals with health or behavioral issuess are often seen as disposable yet, if just given a chance, they can be the most valuable and appreciative friends in our lives.

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